Frequently Asked Questions - Billing

Approved by the Authority Board and established in April 2017, the meter capacity charge is a monthly flat-rate surcharge for providing water through the meter to the customer. It is based on the carrying capacity of the meter. Larger meter sizes will have a larger meter capacity charge. Everyone on the SCBWA system will have a meter capacity charge.

Per SCBWA Rules and Regulations, the water bills for all residential properties are mailed to the owner, as it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure the water bill is paid. Our Rules and Regulations are available on the Authority website under Customer Service, Documents and Forms.

Yes, SCBWA offers two options for auto-pay. You may enroll in auto-pay through ACH with a checking or savings account, which is processed by Authority customer service representatives. Another alternative is through the third-party site accessed through with a checking account or credit or debit card.

ACH Form

Yes, SCBWA now offers e-billing. Please email the office at with your account number and property address to be signed up. Please note that e-billing does not provide a portal to access your bill, nor to pay your bill. Once enrolled in e-billing, you will receive your bill via email when it becomes available. E-billing does not enroll you in auto-pay.

Bills are based on actual usage.  The only circumstance a bill would be estimated is if the radio read device (MXU) is not able to communicate with the handheld readers.

Doxo creates a unique payment page for the utility provider that includes information which could lead customers to believe the utility provider is affiliated with doxo.  Doxo may add their own convenience fees and this has the tendency to frustrate unsuspecting customers and results in them questioning the utility provider.   Doxo uses search engine optimization tactics to display their website as an online payment option, potentially being shown before our online payment portal on search results. Although SCBWA and doxo are not affiliated with each other , doxo is a legitimate business that provides a centralized payment hub and some customers may choose to use them to manage their portfolio of online payments.

Payment may be made online or mailed to:

                  State College Borough Water Authority 
                  1201 West Branch Road 
                  State College, PA 16801-7697

Bills may also be brought directly to our office at the above address or placed in our night-time mail slot. The Authority accepts Master Card, Visa, MAC cards and offers Automatic Cash Withdrawal. You may also drop payments off at the State College Borough Building located at 243 South Allen Street in State College. Payments are picked up first thing in the morning. 

State College Borough Water Authority bills are mailed quarterly on the twentieth of the month or the next business day according to the pre-fix letter on your account number (ex. A-1111-111-1). The following is a schedule of the billing cycles:
                  "A" & "D" - January, April, July & October
                  "B", "H" & "P" - February, May, August & November 
                  "C" & "F" - March, June, September & December 

***Accounts associated with pits and vaults are billed monthly.

High consumption may be due to additional people in the house, summertime watering, etc., or a leak. All faucets, toilets, water softeners, etc., should be checked immediately and a qualified plumber called if a leak is suspected. You may always call the Water Authority office for advice on ways to locate water leaks