Frequently Asked Questions - Service and Maintenance

Low or no water pressure is usually caused by something internal. Some of the most common causes are a bad pressure reducing valve (PRV), a malfunctioning water softener, a bad backflow preventer (BFP), or a faulty valve on your water lines. Occasionally, the low pressure may be caused by an issue on the water service line leading to your house, such as a leak on the line underground. All of these things are the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain and repair.



Backflow inspections follow a yearly cycle, and are due the same month every year regardless of when they were last inspected. For example, if your backflow is due in January and you don’t have it inspected until March, it will still be due in January of the following year.

The easiest way to find out if there is a leak somewhere in your home is to check your water meter. The new meters have a leak indicator on the dial face. This indicator resembles a small triangular propeller. If it is turning, even very slowly, and no water is being drawn, the meter is recording usage and you should investigate immediately. Toilets are notorious for running silently, sticking, starting and stopping and are a leading cause of residential leaks. To determine if you have a toilet leak; place a small amount of food coloring in the tank and let it sit for about 1/2 hour without flushing. If the coloring comes into the bowl, you have a leak in your toilet. 



Someone should be there for the turn-ons to confirm no water is running in the home and no leaks are found.

If we are called to your home or business after regular business hours, including weekends or holidays, and the problem is inside the building; it is your responsibility and you maybe billed a $200 service charge. 

Call our office and we will attempt to isolate the cause over the phone, if we are unable to locate the problem, we will dispatch personnel to check for the cause of the problem.

You may have a leak on your service line. If you can turn the water off using your master shut-off valve, located inside or near your meter, do so immediately and call a plumber. If you cannot shut the water off in your house, call our office or the after-hours number and we will dispatch someone to turn the water off at the street until the repairs can be made.

Call our office (814) 238-6766 or the after hours number (1-800-479-0050) immediately! This could be due to a water main break and your prompt response could save water and prevent damage to property

You may not have water due to several reasons. There may be a main break in the area, improvements to the water system are being performed or for violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Authority.