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In 1896, the State College Water Company, a privately owned firm, went into production. It continued until April 1, 1936, when the Borough of State College purchased the entire operation. The State College Borough Water Authority was incorporated by the Borough of State College on June 14,1940 under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Act which determines Authority powers. The Authority has the ability to construct, acquire, own, operate, improve and maintain water works, water supply works and water distribution systems.

On September 13,1941, the State College Borough Water Authority purchased the water system from the Borough of State College. The cost of the water system purchase was $233,000.00. The system served a population of 13,409 (borough residents, outside borough customers and students).

Improvements to the water system began immediately after the Authority assumed operations. Over the years, bonds have been issued at various times to supplement Authority earnings for many capital improvements, including well exploration, replacement of smaller pipes with larger mains and construction of water storage tanks.

The Authority's decision in June, 1954 to begin fluoridation of the water supply followed concentrated studies over several years. This community health measure was a pioneer in this field, and has now become accepted practice by water purveyors throughout the state.

Today, the State College Borough Water Authority maintains approximately over 15,000 metered services and 270 miles of water mains in State College Borough and parts of Benner, College, Harris, Halfmoon, Patton and Ferguson Townships. In addition, the Authority maintains 7 Well Fields, the Shingletown Reservoir and a 6 million gallon per day (MGD) water treatment plant. Average daily use by over 75,000 people is 5.0 MGD with a peak day of 6.0 MGD. Thirteen water storage tanks have an 15.75 MGD storage capacity.

The budget of the Authority is $10,900,000.00 with over $3,000,000.00 scheduled for Capital Improvements each year. The Board of Directors consists of 7 members and the Authority has 42 employees. - See more at: About SCBWA