Production Facility

A critical component of the Authority's Long Range Plan is to provide redundant treatment of additional well sources vulnerable to surface water impacts. The current regulatory trend focuses on the evaluation and treatment of groundwater sources. The primary needs for a new water treatment facility at Nixon-Kocher is for system redundancy and due to the awareness of the effect of prolonged droughts and emerging contaminants such as pharmaceuticals, endocrine disrupters and various synthetic and organic compounds. This new treatment facility will supplement the Woodside Drive plant by serving a growing area and would also provide as a redundant filtered water source in the event of an outage or contamination event at Woodside.

To address the Authority's long-term water treatment goals, a new water treatment facility featuring membrane microfiltration, granular activated carbon (GAC) and UV disinfection is currently being designed. Membrane technology is considered a superior, state-of-the-art water treatment technology when compared to conventional multi-media filtration for particle removal (including pathogens such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia). Granular activated carbon (GAC) will remove organic contaminates through adsorption. The use of ultraviolet disinfection as a multi-barrier application will assist in the deactivation of pathogens and protozoa. This project will benefit the public by improving water quality.

Status Update (chronological): 

In the final design phase.