Realtors and Closing Company

March 24, 2022

TO: ALL REALTORS AND CLOSING AGENTS                        


This letter serves as a helpful guideline to the commonly asked questions and issues that arise with final reading requests. Please review the following information with your associates.

  • When requesting a final reading, please use the webform included below or the pdf form below. The pdf form can also be found on the website at under Customer Service – Documents and Forms – Forms. This form can be emailed to:
  • We should be notified of any closing on a property that has a change in ownership, as most will require a final reading. Because water is a lienable item, any bills for the current owner must be paid through closing in order to prevent unpaid bills from becoming liens against the property.
  • Please notify our office ASAP if a closing does not go through or is postponed.  Any reading that is rescheduled after the initial reading will have a fee of $45.00 added to the final bill amount for each additional reading.
  • We will not schedule a final reading without the buyer’s phone number. Please have that information included when you send the form.
  • We are now requiring that exact names as they appear on the deed be provided on the reading request form.
  • Any payments will not be credited based on postmark. We have a drop box available 24 hours outside our office. Payments are credited the day they are received in office. All payments should be sent or dropped off at our office: 1201 West Branch Road, State College, PA 16801.
  • There may be occasions when a final bill includes an outstanding bill amount which has an earlier due date than the final bill. This bill will incur penalties if not paid by the original due date. If there is an outstanding bill, we will provide two final bill amounts, one without penalties and one with penalties.
  • We are not able to obtain water readings on time if not given at least 48 hours notice. During busy months, this reading may not be the next business day. If a reading is requested without this allotted time, we will be able to provide bill amounts over the last year for escrow, and will obtain a reading on the next available business day when time permits. Any account requiring an escrow of funds will be confirmed by a phone call from SCBWA with the correct amount due.  Please do not send us the escrow amount as it will be returned.
  • We provide an account number to you when providing the final bill amount. Please include this entire account number on your check to us to ensure the amount is applied to the correct account.

These items serve as guidelines to the process required to ensure a smooth and timely transaction between our two parties for final reading requests. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office between 8:00AM and 4:30PM Monday thru Friday at (814) 238-6766, or email us at: Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Submit a Final Water Reading Request form online here