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Wellhead Protection

Wellhead Protection Study

The goal of the SCBWA’s Wellhead Protection Program for SCBWA is to develop protective measures for each of the wellfields classified as groundwater sources, which includes Wellfields 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. This has been achieved through comprehensive characterization of the contribution area of each wellfield combined with long-term management practices for activities and land-use changes within the contribution areas of each wellfield that have the potential to degrade groundwater quality. Wellfields 2, and 4 are contained in the Spruce Creek surface drainage, however receive the bulk of their recharge from within the Spring Creek groundwater basin, while Wellfield 7 lies wholly within the Spruce Creek basin.


Three Tiered Wellhead Protection Area Approach:

On October 8, 1994, revisions to 25 Pa. Code Chapter 109.1 of DEP’s rules and regulations defined a three-tiered wellhead protection area approach as follows:

Zone I.

The protective zone immediately surrounding a well, spring or infiltration gallery which shall be a 100-to-400-foot radius depending on site-specific source and aquifer characteristics. For a new system or as an expansion of an existing system, the water supplier must own or substantially control, through a deed restriction or other methods acceptable to the Department, the Zone I wellhead protection area in order to prohibit activities within Zone I that may have a potential adverse impact on source quality or quantity.

Zone II.

The zone encompassing the portion of the aquifer through which water is diverted to a well or flows to a spring or infiltration gallery. Zone II shall be a 1/2-mile radius around the source unless a more detailed delineation is approved.

Zone III.

The zone beyond Zone II that contributes surface water and groundwater to Zones I and II.

Map Of State College Borough Water Authority's Drinking Water Sources Showing Delineated Zone II Wellhead Protection Areas For Each Wellfield