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Wellhead Protection Initiatives

Wellhead Protection Area Management and Commitment

Wellhead Water
The SCBWA has pursued a variety of effective management techniques to be proactively protective of the area’s invaluable wellfields. The initiatives outlined below were achieved by review of local zoning and ordinances including The Stormwater Management Plan for The Spring Creek Watershed. Land acquisition has also been explored by SCBWA to aid in the wellhead protection program where feasible. A listing of the successful public education and wellhead protection initiatives undertaken by SCBWA is provided below.

  1. Creation of groundwater contaminant survey forms for local industries that may exist within delineated Wellhead Protection Areas.
  2. Purchase of 24 acres immediately surrounding the Alexander Wellfield to provide a buffer around the wells from planned commercial development.
  3. Proactive quarterly groundwater monitoring of SCBWA test wells in the Ashcraft Wellfield and Buffalo Run to determine if the I-99 acid-rock drainage had impacted the Gatesburg Formation.
  4. Continued voluntary groundwater level monitoring of private wells in proximity to SCBWA wellfields to ensure no dewatering impacts occur to private wells from SCBWA groundwater withdrawals.
  5. Worked with Ferguson Township Public Works personnel to minimize road salt application in the vicinity of Wellfield 5 to prevent adverse impacts to groundwater quality.
  6. Provided significant input on the Ferguson Township Stormwater Management and Wellhead Protection ordinances.
  7. Conducted pilot testing of water treatment technologies at Wellfield 4 for future consideration of additional treatment capacity if and when deemed necessary.
  8. Financially contributed to conserve Musser gap and also purchased conservation easements for the Everhart and Meyer dairy properties.